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Learn more about "typical" career paths for life scientists at DKFZ. We have organized them into job families. Under each job family you can browse job titles, links and information, career advice from our Alumni, specific application and networking recommendations, as well as suitable job search engines. This info is meant to serve as a first introduction. Dive deeper by asking Alumni about their jobs. Use our Career Days and DKFZ Connect to get first-hand information. Check Informational Interviewing and Building Professional Community for best practice.

You may want to review job descriptions first, or you may choose to take the Self-Checks first to gain a better understanding of how your skills and preferences align with each job.

For an overview of the landscape of life science companies in Europe, check KPMG's market resource.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of what a next step could look like. The job descriptions are purely based on past DKFZ life scientists' careers, concluded from past and current Alumni surveys.

This job family includes academic careers at universities, universities of applied sciences and advanced technical colleges. More research positions are located at non-university research institutes like the DKFZ. Alumni who work as Professors, Group Leaders, PIs, Lab Managers and Postdocs in other institutes have shared their insights with us.

Clinical Research includes a broad variety of career options closely related to clinical trials. There are many entry positions for CRAs (Clinical Research Associates), Clinical Monitors and Trial Monitors in pharma industry, CROs (Clinical Research Organizations) and government agencies.

We combine two very different occupations in this job family, their common feature being their supportive role for research in academic and non-academic environments. Find more specific information in this section on the jobs of Bioinformaticians and Application Engineers.

There are a number of jobs related to the approval and production of pharmaceuticals. On the following pages, we focus on two roles: Quality Control Managers ensure compliance in the manufacturing process in the pharmaceutical industry, while Regulatory Affairs Managers work both in industry and regulatory bodies.

Under the headlines of Founder and Consultant, we give insights into start-up and consultancy careers, both of which are concerned with the business aspects of science. We added a more "unfamiliar" and specialized area that might have escaped your notice, the job of a Patent Attorney.

These are industry jobs at the far end of the drug development process: Jobs like Market Access Manager, Product Manager and Lifecycle Manager are grouped together under Marketing Manager, while customer facing roles like Pharma Sales Reps, Key Account Managers, Medical Advisors and Medical Scientific Liaisons under Sales Manager.

Research positions in industry are the most obvious choice for scientists who want to dedicate themselves to translational, applied research or leave academia for other reasons. Typical job titles are Research Scientist, Postdoc and Lab Manager. All positions can involve leading a team.

Learn more about jobs that support research; from academic positions like Grants Officer, Scientific Coordinator, Research Officer or Project Officer to Project Management positions in industry that typically deal with the cross-functional coordination of development projects.

The field of science communication covers all positions related to the publishing of scientific information, like Scientific Writer and Editor, but also teaching positions (both teaching students about science and training scientists in science communication). There is also info on the job profile of a Lecturer.

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