Career Checkpoint

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Career Advice Tool for Researchers

DKFZ CareerCheck is a tool to support young researchers in creating and managing their personal career development plan. The use of this tool is completely voluntary. Neither Career Service nor anyone else will be able to access the career data you enter in this tool.

Career Planning Process

The Self-Check of skills, preferences and values will help to define career options and appropriate trainings. All job related information is based on career paths taken by DKFZ Alumni in academia and beyond.

Users can:

We suggest that you start the process with completing the Self-Checks and researching different career paths. Choose one or two career goals in My Plan, make an appointment with Career Service to discuss next steps and training opportunities, complete My Plan with SMART goals and review it with your supervisor or mentor. DKFZ Connect is a great resource for networking and finding a mentor. Document your progress and adapt your goals in Career Check.

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